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Transcriptions not working

This section will help you troubleshoot your transcriptions. Particularly the issue where you can’t get any transcriptions to work.

Check the WHISHPER_HOST variable

Open your .env file with any text editor and check the WHISHPER_HOST variable. This variable is used to tell the Whishper web client on which endpoint it is running. If you are using the default docker-compose.yml file, the value should be Make sure you change the value to the correct one if you are using a different port or IP to access the web client.

In short, the WHISHPER_HOST variable should be the same as the URL you use to access the web client.

related github issue:

Check the logs

If the previous step didn’t work, you can check the logs. Inside the whishper_data folder, where the docker-compose.yml file is located, you will find a logs folder. Inside this folder you will find the logs for each container. The logs for the web client are located in the web folder. You can check the logs with:

tail -f whishper_data/logs/<log_name>.<log_level>.log

Where <log_name> is the name of the log file and <log_level> is the log level. The log levels are: err and out. Most likely you will need to check the err log.