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Develop Whishper


You will need the following tools installed in your machine to develop Whishper:

  • Golang 1.20+
  • NodeJS
  • Docker

Initial setup

Clone the repository: git clone

Bring up the containers needed for development:

docker-compose up -f docker-compose.yml -f -d mongo transcription-api translate

Running the backend

Run the backend:

# Change to the backend directory
cd backend
# Run the backend
go run . -dev -updir ../whishper_data/uploads -asr localhost:8000 -translation localhost:5000 -db localhost:27017

Running the frontend

Add the following .env file inside the frontend folder:


Then, run the frontend:

# Change to the frontend directory:
cd frontend
# Install dependencies:
npm install
# Run the development server:
npm run dev